Founded by acclaimed sound engineer, Brad Sundberg in 1995, BSUN Media is one of the most respected audio and entertainment specialists in the USA.


For more than 25 years we've been providing full service audio design, sales and installation for homeowners and corporations. Coming from a recording and studio background, Brad takes pride in bringing music to life with tailor-made solutions that you'll love.  We put each product through its paces and if they meet our specifications, we include them in our solutions. Whether you are building a new home, or want to add entertainment systems to your current home or office, we can guide you through the options based on your needs and budget. 


Hi, I'm Brad. For as long as I remember I have had a passion for great sound.

Prior to starting BSUN Media I worked as a recording engineer in some amazing studios in LA and NY.  Eventually I met Michael Jackson and became the technical director on the albums BadDangerous and HIStory, as well as Quincy Jones' amazing Back On The Block project. This opened the door to me working in the homes of many of my studio clients and their friends.  I was installing everything from home recording studios, to fully immersive home theaters.  Michael Jackson soon asked me to start building music and video systems for his Neverland home and property (yep, even the amusement park) and that was the start of BSUN.

Through the years I've designed systems in Los Angeles, New York, Florida, France, the UK and beyond. I truly believe my studio background (I'm a voting member for the GRAMMYs) gives me a distinct edge when it comes to sonic quality and really bringing the music and movies you love to life. I love this business and meeting new challenges head-on with some fresh and new solutions. Big or small, I'm happy to help you realize your dream.

Oh, and don't let the photo fool you. I proudly live in Orlando with my wife of over 30 years and four beautiful daughters.  I just like to ice skate from time to time.


I. Experience

BSUN Media Systems has been building audio, video and control systems for some of the most discriminating clients around the globe. Our systems can be found from Los Angeles to Kent, England; from Cannes, France to New York. My relationships with manufactures, programmers and technology specialists allow me to overcome any obstacle along the way.

II. Project Focused

Because I only take on a few projects at a time, and I am onsite during every step of the process, your project doesn’t get “lost in the shuffle”.  Each project is very personal to me and I pay close attention to every detail. 

III. Value

How can I provide the best value to my clients?

  • Getting the job done right the first time.
  • Working long-term with vendors and programmers to negotiate better pricing.
  • Maintaining a lower overhead = lower labor costs to the client.
  • Using the best programmers available means fewer problems now and later.

IV. Integrity

I listen to my clients and I design my systems around their needs. When my clients are happy, they refer me to their friends. When something is wrong, I take care of it. It's a pretty simple approach but sadly it is feeling more like a lost art.


You propbably know the first two names, but might be wondering who Joe Phelps is.
Well, don't worry. He's not a name you should know. That's because Joe Phelps is just a regular homeowner like you and me who wanted a great audio and visual solution for his home. I pride myself of delivering the same high quality, first class service to all my customers. So whether you're a Michael, a Madonna or a regular Joe, you'll get the same level of attention and service with solutions to match your budget, not the other way round.


Some of our clients


Michael Jackson
Quincy Jones
Tom Cruise
Elizabeth Taylor
Will Smith
Norman Lear
Sela Ward
Bob Iger
Helen Hunt


Lulu's Restaurant Gulf Shores
Integrity Recording Studios
Latin Quarter at City Walk, Orlando
Neverland Valley Ranch
First Baptist Church La Crescenta, CA
Montrose Church, CA
Sony Music, CA



I look forward to working with you.